Mrakmur Open house

15 July: 3 pm-8 pm
Mrakmur Studio + Gallery Open house
Address: Creator’s Space, Studio 2, 218 7th Street E, St Paul, MN 55101. (Basement)

Mrakmur is an alternative micro gallery space and studio of experimental artist Jana Komaritsa. Jana is a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Saint Paul, MN, United States. She has been involved in the underground and alternative music and art scene for many years now, in Europe and now in the USA. In 2014 she started label Mrakmur, which was originally a publishing platform for experimental and underground art. Mrakmur uses extremely personal approach to releases, DIY hand-made packaging, own designs and close interaction. Now, in 2018, Mrakmur grew into an art space for lovers of alternative and experimental arts and culture; supporting emerging artists, non-conventional ideas and approaches.
The grand opening of the space took place on June 23d. Now, on July 15th, Jana Komaritsa invites everybody to the open house of Mrakmur!

+ Artist candlelight mystery performance
+ Music: dark music for dark souls | minimal wave | new wave
+ Grim video projections from the worlds beyond
+ Gallery exhibit: Jana Komaritsa “The Unknown”: the intimidating message, whispers of the Unknown which hides itself in all of us, manifesting itself in the form which haunts one the most.
+ Free bar and snacks!
+ Free entrance!

Cover Photo: photographer: Holger Karas (Germany), model: Jana Komaritsa