Darkrad Heart Murmur review by Vital Weekly

From vital weekly 1133


The cover of Darkrad’s ‘Heart Murmer’ shows black and white images of a girl and some choreographic moves and texts as ‘She Lives In Me’, which may seem all a bit gothic. The music is however dark but not as gothic as promised on the box I would think. Jana Komaritsa is the composer of the music and she is from Russia, and “she continues the theme of inner blackness and disturbances of mind, weaving the canvas of ominous world”, as Audiophob puts it. She uses a bit of voice, wordless and chant like but the main focus is on the use of synthesizers. They are used to press down a bunch of keys and then all the knobs, sliders and what have you are slowly turned clock and anti-clockwise and fed along the lines of reverb and delay. It is not always abstract as much as it is not always melodic.

Darkrad has a fine balance between both ends, seemingly not preferring one or the other. The same thing can be said about ‘loud’ versus ‘quiet’. While it is never one or the other, it is sometimes distinctly louder or quieter than the rest. Here too Darkrad has some variation on offer. She once made her debut on Cold Meat Industry and I am sure that is some indication as to what she does music wise. While this is not my cup of daily tea, especially when it came to use of whispering voices and such, I very much enjoyed the resulting dark ambient, partly abstract and partly quite musical routes she takes in her music and while not really the best season for the year to feel sad and melancholic to enjoy this, it works quite well. It rained yesterday.